Review: Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream

Hi team!

So this review is in a two part series of the everyday moisturisers I use, and the first one is the Simple Vital Vitamin Day cream.

I first got introduced to Simple when I came into the UK, and had tried a few of their products, but make the jump to using their moisturisers a year or so ago which I wanted to start taking my skin seriously. I have slight eczema around my nose, large pores and scars from pimples, and slight wrinkling starting to appear. So I started a proper skincare routine and flagged these two products to use first to see if I could see a difference.

So the product says that it has 3 vitamins, no artificial perfume or colour, and SPF protection, with hydration for 12 hours.

The texture is like softly mixed cream, and melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. My skin felt plum and hydrated and very soft!

I layered it up with my makeup and went to work, and it worked with my foundation well, as my foundation is matte and powder based, so it still managed to keep my skin hydrated though that.

I also find in the winter it really works hard for your skin. Here in Edinburgh, the wind, rain and snow have a huge effect on my skin but the cream seems to calm it down and stop any redness or any rawness. I find i just have a rosy glow.

So  I would rate this product 10/10 and am a lifelong user now!

See Part 2 of my everyday moisturisers next week!

T xx

Im 31 and I have a 90’s Obsession. (Clothing)

Hi team!

So this weeks blog is about the 90s and its clothing. Oh my word. Hoooooow amazing was the style. I’m including the 2000s in this too because I won’t let them get away with it either.

Here were my fashion idols in the 90s.



The Spice Girls

They were all very different and I wanted all of their wardrobes, and their abs, holy moly!

I am going to list what I wore in the 90s, please chime in if you wore these too!

Matching tracksuits (maroon, and a green set)

Body glitter

Cherry lipgloss

Green or blue mascara

Roll on perfume (those tiny little ones)

Sparkly Butterfly clips (the tiny ones)

Glitter Slides (shoes)

Hoop earrings (when you were old enough to wear them obis)

A nose stud

A tongue stud


I want to hear more of these so do comment below.

So I was a massive dork in the 90s but it was so fun to be one! You did your hair up, put body glitter on, your roll on perfume on, and your cherry lipgloss and you were ready for school. Life was so much simpler then. I feel that I want to bring body glitter back in a big way too.

I loved the crop tops, the US themed merch (Chicago Bulls, etc) high waisted jeans, chokers, piercings, and whatever JLo was doing at the time was totally my aesthetic. I was definitely a pop girl in the 90s, but since this trend has come back around I still love the pop stuff, but LOVE the grunge stuff – plaid, band tshirts, holey tshirts etc. I love that this trend has come back and own so much of it, and it really lends to my style. I even do Space Buns (hairstyle) when I am going out and want to feel fly.

What did you wear, what do you wear now from the high street offerings of 90s style?

T xx

Be my buddy wanna be my buddy (sung to Be my Lover by La Bouche (Remember them?)





Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer – Review

You know what? Barry M is one of the best drugstore makeup lines out there. When I came to the UK I was drawn like a magpie to their nail colours (makeup in general is very expensive in New Zealand) and then when it came time to bump up my makeup I pretty much grabbed everything as it was a good price point for me to learn with. I went through a couple of primers and then tried this one.

I got the green one for redness, and there is a purple one for brightening your complexion.

Now I was intrigued on combining a primer and a colour corrector, so I got the green one and proceeded to try it. The consistency is like hand soap, a little tacky (which gave me confidence as a primer) and it was VERY green. I smoothed a pump full on my face and worked it into the skin. As a primer – great. As a colour corrector…not so much. It didn’t do much to my pimples or redness around my nose, but it did prime my skin fantastically ready for foundation!

In conclusion (sounds so formal) I recommend just springing for a colour corrector and a primer separately. Its a great idea, but it really doesn’t work in this case. Id be happy to try a new formula if they ever put it out, as this would be my dream product!

Purchase here!


Review: NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

Hi team, welcome to another review! As always, not paid, not given any fancy houses in Greece, etc etc…

So growing up, I hated my eyebrows. I thought they were way too thick, they were fighting with my eyes to fit onto my face, (heck, they were most of my forehead), and it definitely wasn’t the fashion to have them in the early 00s.

So in the last few years we have seen a resurgence of the EYEBROW. Cara Delevingne started the return with her amazing eyebrows in her Burberry campaign, and since then we have heard all about them, from them being on fleek, to full news articles about them. So for girls with thick eyebrows like me, I was pleased as its now given me a catalyst to look after them and be proud of them!

I was on the hunt for a product to find a product that essentially could make my eyebrows look full and awesome. I got a good eyebrow technician to tidy them up, and then set out from there. I do not pencil my brows, and I don’t want to spend ages on them. I just want a product that helps me talk with my eyebrows (which if you know me in real life, I am quite prone to a suggestive eyebrow lift or a lifted eyebrow like oh no you didn’t etc)

After going through a couple, I was recommended the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara. It comes in 5 shades, and I got the Chocolate shade.

So I applied it one cold morning and it was like the sun came out! This brow mascara is the da (more 00s lingo).

The wand is great, the application and product is smooth, and it just gives that much more shape and depth to my brows. I am really impressed and think this will be a ride or die product for me.

10/10 for me!

Get it HERE:

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara, £5.50

T xx

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Review: Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

Hi guys! So to preface this review, I have not been paid by Clinique to do this review, its just that I want to rave about this foundation!!

So I have mixed skin. I have dry parts and super oily parts. At work the air con, heat, and general crazy environment means that I can fry an egg on my forehead by the end of the day with the oil I’ve accumulated. I carry a beauty blender and a tray of translucent powder around in my bag to blot blot blot, which frankly, my bag has enough crap in it! Previously I had used Moisture Surge from Clinique, and it was great, but then I stopped using it and made the mistake of going to a cheaper brand. Result? Oil Central. You should always spend money with a good brand. Not £6.99, Taryn. So I had had enough, I went to the Clinique counter in Debenhams. I know the manager there a bit, so just laid it straight out that I had heard about Superbalanced and she proceeded to take me through the process of matching my skin. She gave me benefits such as it puts moisture into my dry parts and mattes up my oily parts, and then gave me 10 day trial (amazing) and gave me the most important tip of all: Wear it on a day off, at work, and on a night out. This will put it through its paces. I have worn it through these and am pleased to say it really works!! Work was the tough contender, but it came through, and instead of my oil giving me a slick look, it managed my make my skin glow! All in all, I would give this a 9/10, its really good and will stick with you through thick and thin! Will be buying again!

. clinique-review


What foundations are you using? Any recommendations for me to try?


T xx

Review: Swamp Queen Palette

Hi team!!

So I was very lucky to get the Swamp Queen eyeshadow palette for Christmas, and was excited to try this baby out!!

Background: Swamp Queen is the creation of Tarte Cosmetics, and a Youtuber named Grav3yard Girl. She is amazing and wacky and awesome – I definitely recommend watching her!! Anyway they did this amazing collaboration, and I have always heard Tarte have a great reputation for cosmetics, so I was excited to try the two in one!

So it has 9 eye shadow shades, a bronzer, a blusher, and a highlighter.

There are lot of browny and purply tones to mix and match which are amazing for a day time look and then darker tones to smoke it up for evening. I use big baby, haunting and uncommon pretty much every day, and blush with does this thing really work!

The packaging is adorable and so the quality of the makeup is great, my makeup brushes aren’t the best unfortunately so I can’t get much colour on them so I have to keep building colour but with colours such as man cat and dogman even with a crappy brush it gives you great colour pay off!

The highlighter is an icy white and I just use it on my eyebrow bone, and the blush gives me a pink glow although you have to use it sparingly as the colour payoff is amazing!!

All in all, I would give this 7 stars out of 10. I want to try more Tarte cosmetics after this definitely after trying this product!!


Have you tried this palette? What do you think?

T xx

Review: Barry M Showgirl Mascara

Hi team!

So this week I am reviewing the Showgirl mascara by Barry M.

Barry M are my go to on a lot of things, and I will try anything new they come out. I was on the hunt for a mascara and thought I’d try the Showgirl one in their range of mascaras.

So on the side it proclaims extra volume. I tested 1 layer, then 2, then 3 on my top lashes, then just one layer on my bottom lashes.

Now just to say, I am not a professional makeup artist by any means, I am generally terrible, hence why I don’t post pics of me applying as that may do more harm than good!! haha. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it goes on with minimal fuss, bar my lower lashes as I haven’t mastered just getting it on my lashes and not underneath, but it seemed to be easier than other products.

The first coat is one that I would do for every day, and it looked great, picking up all the lashes and some I didn’t know I had!

The second coat strengthened those lashes really well.

The third, I thought I had false eyelashes on, legit.

So all in all, I am super impressed, and would definitely buy again!

I give it 8 stars out of 10!

Have you tried it? What do you think?

T xx