Day in the Life of a Blogger

Hi team! Ever wanted to know what life is like of a blogger. Specifically this blogger?

Note – all of this does get disrupted by me getting inspired by a topic and writing like crazy so often this ‘day in the life’ turns into a total blog fest! However, I do like doing all the other parts of the job of being a blogger and here is a rundown of that!

Here we go!

8am. I grumble and struggle to get up as I am lazy. I get up and have cereal with banana and a coffee, sometimes prepared by my husband on the coffee maker he got me, and now he likes to use.

9am. I run through all my social media, seeing whats new that my fellow bloggers are putting up, replying to comments, and liking stuff and commenting. There are a lot of great people I have connected with on Twitter and I like to see what they are up to.

9:30am.  I work on Canva, producing blog headers for my blogs, sourcing pictures that I have taken and working them into graphics to catch the eye. I also look at older ones and rework.

11am. Snack time! This is when I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race for a little longer than intended but Sasha Velour is going to win I know it!

11:45am. I get back to work on Canva, putting together inspiration memes that I publish on Saturdays. This is a fun part of my job as I like to put my own twist on it and make people laugh. Have you seen my Shrek one?

1:15pm. I get back on social media, posting stuff that is trending, reposting and sharing my latest blog on the platforms for the lunchtime readers. I also read a few at this time as I like to support my fellow bloggers and there is some amazing content out there!

2pm. Lunchtime! I can’t be a shut in all day, so I’ll often go get lunch out, go for a walk, and snap some pics for my blog/social media. If there is a cute dog I will pat it.

3pm. I’ll get in touch with businesses about collaborating and writing guest blogs for companies to get my following up and practise my writing.

4pm. I’ll check my Hootsuite to make sure my whole month is full of interesting content and if something current is needing talked about I will move stuff around to make it great for my readers.

5pm. I clock off for the day. If there is an event I will go to this in the evening, otherwise I will go out with friends, or binge watch Netflix (Party of Five, amirite?)

The life of a blogger is fun, varied, and you talk to a lot of interesting people. However it is important to get out and experience life, even if it is a walk during the day. Your readers want fun interesting experiences, and even if you go for a walk around the block, the magic of life could spark ideas for you  that your readers will love!

T xx

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Blogging: Writing about what the hell you want.

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Blogging: Writing about what the hell you want.

Hi team!

So over the last few days  I have seen heated Twitter debates on what people should and shouldn’t blog on. Both sides had excellent points but the main thing is…


Blogging for a lot of people, both to read and to write is a form of fun and relaxation. Some of my top blogs are beauty reviews, and this does come in useful for people wanting to try new products, however I do devote a lot of time to fashion and lifestyle also. I tackle the mental health issues as well, but I feel that my style is very much a dorky valley girl tone.

I love blogs that write about changing the world, and having awareness of the issues around them, some of them are very profound and forward thinking, and I love to read them!

And if I’m tired, or a bit down and want something to cheer me up, of course I want to hear about what you have in your handbag, or what you got from ASOS! Bring it.

The point is I really think people should stop pointing fingers and appreciate that we are a big community and there is something for everyone. As a blogger, you can write on whatever you want, and if you want to help people out with beauty problems, self esteem issues, or political thoughts then go right ahead. We all get readers and fans of our work and they come to us because they like our tone, or our writing appeals to them.

I feel that people that are hating on Twitter should remember that it takes all kinds and we are all the better for embracing our blogging similarities and differences.

What do you think? Have you been the subject of stuff like this before?

T xx