Challenging your buying habits and streamlining your wardrobe!

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Hi team!

This is a blog about your wardrobe and how to buy smarter!

A woman’s wardrobe can cause stress, grief, joy, and bubbling excitement. You get up for the day, you look into your wardrobe, and there are a million different options on who you want to be today. A top and a cool jean means you are fashionably aware yet nonchalant to be like: “Oh this old thang?” while secretly high fiving yourself on choosing said outfit that morning.

Now here comes the tricky part. There are parts of your wardrobe deemed NO ACCESS areas. This means there are clothes there that you want to get into one day, part their prime but can’t bring yourself to get rid of, and the biggest fashion crime, unworn with tags. This happens a lot in wardrobes I have seen over the years and it is a big crime, but a source of shame for people.

These corners of your wardrobe need to be addressed so they can let the rest of your wardrobe shine.

People often buy and take home items, try them on, then realise that they don’t look good outside the shop for whatever reason, then are too embarrassed to take them back so leave them in their wardrobe. This is a big no no in my books. Send it back, get your money, then buy something you will wear!

Other things in the wardrobe are sentimental items. Now I know this pain as I have a pair of MC Hammer sequin pants that I have not worn in years, but I have kept as I have had a good time wearing them and they have good memories. However, this is a trap. Do you have pictures of you in your beloved item? Good, theres the memories. Throw the sequins away (can’t believe I just typed that who am I?).

Stop waiting to try get into clothes. A woman’s shape is ever changing and mysterious, so just go with the flow and your body and buy clothes that fit well NOW. If you are working on yourself fitness wise (see my Fitness Athleisure wear blog HERE) then good on you, keep that heart ticking and get healthy. Live life now and get clothes that make you look good on the journey.

Another one I see a lot of is tops that have holes, faded, run down, tired. I had a lot of those in my wardrobe and it is amazing how many things past their date I kept or continued to wear into my twenties when they should have stopped in my teens. Even my nightwear was sad. So I updated in good quality jimmy jams and got rid of my holey tshirts and frayed jeans. Get rid of it. Donate any wearable good stuff but get rid of the rest.

Donating is a great way to keep the life of a clothing piece going. When you think about the work that goes into making a piece of clothing, you want to make sure that it gets the most out it as possible. Plus you could make a grown woman scream in the middle of a charity shop because she has been looking for your top for AGES (may or may not be based on the life of the blogger here).

Buy sensibly in the first place. Invest in clothing, don’t just buy a £3 top. Look at the material, the price, where it was made, who is selling it. These factors match up with our own personal values and ensure that we are buying smarter and not just on a whim, which leads to many clothes being wasted.

There are many clothes swaps nights happening around the world, get along to one of those and take your good quality items to swap with other like minded people. This is a great example of the ‘one in, one out’ theory where if you buy something, you get rid of something.Or have one of your own with mates!

So these are a few ways to really challenge yourself and your buying habits, which building a wardrobe that ultimately makes YOU feel good!

T xx

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Brand Profile: Box of Goth!

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I love getting stuff in the mail. Anything that is not a bill is definitely a treat, and I love the range of monthly subscription boxes out there! One I wanted to focus on today is the Box of Goth.

Box of Goth is a monthly coffin shaped subscription box full of gothic and horror inspired goodies. Great right? I love skeletons, bats, black cats, and this is definitely up my alley. I love that it is so different and really touches a chord with a lot of people, as some of us are still going through our goth phase after high school. There really is a strong community out there that are bonded by the love of all things macabre.

Here a few shots of the insides.


The last coffin was the Skulls and Skeletons box, and had so many great goodies in it, from pins, to stationary, to patches!

It is the one year anniversary of Box of Goth this month (May 2018) and being a small business they have developed loyal supporters by providing great customer service. They also write a fantastic blog themselves, which features their customers wearing or using their products!

The coffin boxes all the goodies come in are made up by Nikki and Lucy, the brains behind the brand, and curated in themes, like the RIP box, which Nikki has stated as her favourite so far.

I asked Nikki what we can look forward to in the future and she replied with “More coffin boxes of gothic goodies!” Can’t wait for this! She also revealed there are some very exciting things coming up that she can’t say yet but its going to be very exciting for the customers!  She said the best way to get all the news and updates is to follow them on Instagram and you will get the first teasers – I have linked their Instagram below.

The lovely extra touch they do is if you subscribe to get their Boxes, just tell them your birthday to get an extra goodie on your birthday month!

This company is a really nice small business, who work hard and do their best for the customer. They also have a real eye for curating, and they are open to suggestions from their customers! I am waiting for the June box to come out as I write, very excitedly!

Want to get your Goth on? Here are all the links you need to know.

Both of Goth Website

Box of Goth Website

Box of Goth Twitter

Box of Goth Instagram

T xx

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Brand Profile: Punky Pins

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Hi team!

So this week, I am talking about a brand that I love, called Punky Pins!

I love that enamel pins are back in fashion. I love shopping small for these as there are so many great pins to chose from! I have my favourites that I wear, and then I definitely am going to get a display for the others. Its such a fun update and a fashion statement.

Here is an edit of my favourite pins!


I am in love with all of these pins. They are so fun, some have a great message, and they fit in so well in my wardrobe. There literally is one for every occasion. With prices starting from 7 pounds, it also means you can switch up your pin game often for not much!

Punky Pins also do a great range of keyring, patches, stickers, and jewellery!

Want to see the full range and also their amazing social media? Here are all the links you need to know!

Pinky Pins Website

Punky Pins Facebook

Punky Pins Twitter

Punky Pins Instagram

Let me know what pins you get!

T xx

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Packing for Holiday

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Hi team!

So this week I am talking about packing for your holiday!

It’s all very exciting, you have picked your location, and are counting down the days. However what I find is that a lot of people, especially if they are going to a sunny place, often find they have major gaps in their wardrobe when it comes to the sun.

The result is you go and panic buy, resulting in a lot of clothes that you only wear on holiday, and often only once.

In my wardrobe consultations I have come across holiday clothing, and while you can’t wear a sarong in Scotland at any point of the year (soz) you can make a pile in your wardrobe or in your attic for holiday clothes that you can wear year after year. After all, you are on holiday only once or twice a year, (maybe more, if you are living your best life), so those clothes can last.

Treating yourself. I always feel that the treat is the holiday. The problem with a lot of people is that they start treating themselves straight away, then only wear the item once or twice, then ditch it. This isn’t a great way of doing it. You can however update your holiday wardrobe every year with one or two key items that will make sure you still look on trend, but you aren’t going to not wear it after the holiday.

So, packing for your holiday. Always overpack underwear. Always.

Wear trousers and tops twice, unless you get really sweaty and or you spill pasta down it (me). If you can do washing on your holiday, do it. You will thank yourself when you are getting down to the dregs of the clothes that you saved to wear but didn’t end up wearing and now look a little nuts.

The other tip is while it is great to go exotic with prints that you might not normally wear, make sure it goes with something else in your suitcase, otherwise you will never find a place to wear it and it would have been a waste of space where you could have put all your souvenirs.

Take a few different pairs of shoes. One for when you are out out, one chilling, and one speciality (flip flops, snow boots, etc).

Take two different bags for when you are exploring, one big one and one small one. You don’t want to try and fit all your souvenirs into the smallest bag you have, it doesn’t look great!

One of the pitfalls I used to have is that I would take all the stuff I would not normally wear, because I thought that when I was on holiday I would have the confidence to pull it off. No, not really. When I wanted to be in holiday more, I actually wanted to be comfy and cool, fashionable but without the hassle of putting outfits together. This is where having a suitcase where everything works with everything does so well, as you want to be out the door doing stuff.

Be prepared for rain. Take a rain jacket. It sounds depressing I know but juuuuuuuust in case.

Take a different wallet for holiday, especially if you are travelling to a foreign country. Hence you only take what you need to take, and it means that you don’t get confused about where is what.

Take advantage of the limits for suitcases. Of course allow room for duty free and souvenirs, but take advantage of the full limit, and then you can have more range for what you can wear, especially if you get packing regret.

Have you got any more tips? Comment!

T xx

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My Haul from the Cats Protection Charity Shop!

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Hi guys!

So I love a good charity shop. I used to volunteer for Barnardo’s (blog linked below) and I loved it. I went through a major wardrobe revamp once I realised my style that I used to love wearing didn’t fit me as a person now, so I donated it to Barnardos. I love the idea of a second or third life for clothing, especially in this era of fast fashion. I also love to pick up new items for my wardrobe as well, to fit my current style.

I was at a loose end near my place and popped into the Cats Protection charity shop for a nosy. It’s the newer kid on the blog when it comes to Stockbridge’s well established charity shops, but they always have great fashion in their windows and a nice aesthetic to their shop.

I had a wander and immediately picked up this fab green Zara top. Such a beautiful sheen and I knew it would fit into my wardrobe immediately. It was so affordable also and in really great condition. The next thing I picked up was this great roll neck crop top from Sparkle and Bright. Really different and a nice addition to my winter jumper collection. There was also some great Asos faux snakeskin shoes but they did not fit and I was sad.

The Cats Protection charity celebrated 90 years last year. They championed neutering, saving cats after the war, and today they also help owners with grief after the loss of their cat, speak up for cats, and are the leading charity for cats in the United Kingdom.

I look forward to shopping there much more in the future and helping to support our little furry cats of all ages.

What charity bargains have you gotten lately?

T xx

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Iolla Opening Party in Stockbridge!

Edinburgh, Fashion

Hi team!

So last week I had an invitation to attend the opening of Iolla, an eyewear shop who also have a branch in Glasgow. They were opening in Stockbridge, and I had been walking past the shop when it was being put together, wondering what it was going to be!

Walking in, it is a great space. You had glasses to the left, on beautiful wooden shelves, with green plants. It felt very relaxed. The range of glasses frames were excellent, with an extensive range to suit everyone. I headed out to the back room and there was a whole room dedicated to sunglasses, with some great options.

Some background on the company. Iolla in Gaelic means ‘sight’, and originally started in Glasgow. They wanted to bring a more affordable price point for glasses, whilst not compromising on style. The designs are all done in house, and are very unique and fashionable.

Here are some pictures from the event below:

As you can see, I’m a complete clown, but I seriously did love the pink ones with leopard in the first picture (called Muir, and have several colours). They had cake, cupcakes, prosecco and a DJ, and it seemed like a lot of staunch supporters of the brand were there to support the owners for the opening. The staff were all really nice and introduced themselves to me when I came in the door. There were a lot of bloggers there I recognised, and it was a really fun atmosphere with everyone really impressed with the selection and trying on their favourites.

I definitely recommend heading to them, just get your prescription up to date and then go in and ask them to style you with the  best glasses for you! I also recommend their blog on the website as they explored Stockbridge when they came to town and named their favourite places they found.

T xx

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The Disney Princess’ Wardrobe

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Welcome to another edition of Wardrobe Attacker!

I went to one of my good friends house and while the men did work on the house downstairs we got right into her wardrobe.

Now this girl has a challenge to get the volume of clothes down to items that she can wear to work easily but still retain the cool items she has in her wardrobe.

We got to work pretty quickly and I quickly noticed that she had a lot of dresses. Now for her work dresses are perfect, with tights and a cardy look really sweet and work appropriate for the office. Plus she has some really cool patterned dresses, and the great thing about patterns is that it does the job for you, all you have to do is find a great belt to put around your waist to define it and then you are away!!

We also started sorting items into a holiday wardrobe. Over in the UK as it doesn’t get particularly hot people tend to go for the big summer holiday. People will specifically go out and get stuff for their holidays. Now some of this stuff might be alright to wear in the UK but most of it is purely for Spain and other hot countries (Hi NZ!). Sort your holiday only items into a pile (as we did) and hang it or fold it in another place.

As always, there is a pile of items to try on again. Here you can determine if you still like it, fit it, or want it. If you think you want to keep it, find three items in your wardrobe to wear it with and you’ll never go wrong. Also make sure there are no holes or damage to the clothing.

You can also do a gym/sunday chilling pile. This is good for your baggy t-shirts, trackies, and holey items if you are desperate to keep them.

We managed to get through a lot of clothes and at the end had a sizeable pile to throw away/donate. I recommend holding the items in your house for a week, looking through again and making sure that you want to donate them. This means that you will definitely know!

This wardrobe was very fun to do and thanks to my lady friend for participating!!

T xx

PS if you want me to come to your house and help you with your wardrobe and give you loads of invaluable advice tailored to you, and you live in the Edinburgh area please don’t hesitate to get in touch!!

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The Fuck it List.

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Hi team! How are those New Years resolutions going for ya? Green smoothies starting to make you feel blue? Running starting to wear thin? Never fear, because I have the answer that will help you live your BEST life this year.

Its called a Fuck it List.

So basically, you have heard of the bucket list. Travel to a buddhist retreat, climb Mt Everest, blah blah blah. This list is often impossible to achieve as a lot of them are super high goals that take more than a few years to achieve, time, money, etc. Often they will just sit there until you hate that you put it on the list and feel guilty you haven’t done it yet!

My list is way better. Inspired by Cheryl Cole (yes really), when she got malaria and nearly died, when she got better she composed a Fuck It list. Still with me after hearing my idea from Cheryl Cole. Good. Its going to get better.

Basically a Fuck it list is all the shit that you feel in your heart you want to do, and literally say, “Fuck it, lets do it.”

Let me give you a few examples.

I want two more tattoos. One on my finger.

I want to improve my French so when I go back to France I can really speak it properly instead of just picking up stuff from my high school French.

I want to swim in my hometown lake that I haven’t swum in since I was a teen.

So you see, it ranges. I want tattoos, I want to swim. No idea is silly, and all contribute to the development of YOU. There are other things on my list but I don’t want you to laugh me out of the building on how funny/stupid they are – but they will contribute to me being the person I want to be, and thats important.

So pen and paper. Write down big and small goals. Goals about work, life, love, family, friends, travel, hobbies, etc. Write it ALL down. Then look at the themes. Then look at what will improve you, moves you, or will motivate you. Cull some if you want, or shove them to long term goals. This is only for your year ahead that we are concerned about at the moment. And the great thing is, this is a list you will have for life. You will just keep adding things on, and crossing them off!

I would love to hear about your Fuck it List and what you want to achieve over the last year. This is a really great way to motivate yourself, while not being drastic. You can work towards your goal all year, and if you haven’t achieved it by years end, you can move into the new year closer than you were!

T xx

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Charity Shop Shopping!


So I have an obsession with charity shop shopping.

I used to work for Barnardos in one of their stores as a Visual Merchandiser and it was so much fun! The dangerous thing was to see all the stuff donated and what a list I had of stuff that I wanted to buy!

These days charity shops are fully professional. There are chains of them, linked to well known charities, however there are still the odd ones that are linked to charities but there are only one of them in each city etc.

These ones I love because you can really find a bargain or a hidden gem!

Refer to my blog from last week on Shopping Mindfully, as this comes into play when you go shopping at a charity shop. Don’t get the £4 ‘because it’s only £4’. Make sure it is still a piece of you are and will fit into your wardrobe easily! Likewise with shoes that are a size too small, tea sets that you will definitely never use, and knick knacks that will clutter up your home. If you want to give to the charity itself there is always a donation point you can give money to them as well which is always appreciated and will give you that feel good feeling!

I will also do a few charity shop no no’s!

  1. Do not haggle. Not ever. Nope.
  2. Do not donate your holey tshirts. They are no use.
  3. Do not leave your donations outside if the charity shop is closed. This damages your items and squanders lots of potential money for the shop and they just have to bin it!

Be best friends with your local shop. When you have declutter your wardrobe, take your donations down. Then when you get unwanted gifts, or things you don’t want anymore, pop it in a bag, and when it’s full, take it down. You will be encouraging that sense of community and helping people in your area!

I would recommend charity shopping to everyone, as these days it is so acceptable to get items from there, and they are in great shape, look amazing, and are so affordable. Plus you will be donating money to charity and your karma points will rise!

Go the next step and volunteer at some point too! You will never regret it!

Let me know your charity shop bargains guys!!

T xx



Short Hair, Don’t Care


So recently, I have had a bit of a fight with my hair. It is so much of my identity so when I want to act out, I simply dye or cut it and it perfectly reflects my mood. Permit me, to take you through my hair history (and please submit me yours!)

  • Dying my hair red to look like Lita, the WWF wrestler
  • Blonde, in attempt to regain my youth (I was only 15)
  • Remember Christina Aguilera’s hair from the ‘Dirty’ video? Yup had that.
  • Dreads (at uni, where else)
  • Purple
  • Fringes
  • No fringes
  • Demanding a single lock of blond in my brunette hair after my hairdresser said no to doing the Cruella de Ville hair (good choice)
  • Ombre (loved this one)
  • Pink (made me feel like a Sailor Soldier)
  • Buzzed side shave and full chop

So you can see I love the extreme. And lets face it, after having dreads you really don’t care what happens to your hair, you are just happy it’s growing back!

Recently I went to my friend Blair at Cheynes ( who has been cutting my hair for years and always complies with my batshit crazy ideas. He and I decided on a great asymmetrical cut, with my left side of my head shaved to a 1. It turned out terrific and now I’m wondering why I didn’t do it before! If you can have the chance to cut your hair short, do it. Its really liberating!

Here is the pic I took in, we didn’t do the underside, but we did the side shave, and it looks amazing!


Let me know what your next crazy hair idea is, or what you would love to get buy aren’t brave enough!

Shameless plugging, but I’ve been going to Cheynes for years and they really are great. Cheynes Bruntsfield is the best, but I’m biased as I’ve been there a lot and the staff are all so nice! If you are lucky enough to get an appointment with Blair, get it

Note: I don’t get paid by Cheynes, I’m just sharing the love!

T  xx