The Disney Princess’ Wardrobe

Welcome to another edition of Wardrobe Attacker!

I went to one of my good friends house and while the men did work on the house downstairs we got right into her wardrobe.

Now this girl has a challenge to get the volume of clothes down to items that she can wear to work easily but still retain the cool items she has in her wardrobe.

We got to work pretty quickly and I quickly noticed that she had a lot of dresses. Now for her work dresses are perfect, with tights and a cardy look really sweet and work appropriate for the office. Plus she has some really cool patterned dresses, and the great thing about patterns is that it does the job for you, all you have to do is find a great belt to put around your waist to define it and then you are away!!

We also started sorting items into a holiday wardrobe. Over in the UK as it doesn’t get particularly hot people tend to go for the big summer holiday. People will specifically go out and get stuff for their holidays. Now some of this stuff might be alright to wear in the UK but most of it is purely for Spain and other hot countries (Hi NZ!). Sort your holiday only items into a pile (as we did) and hang it or fold it in another place.

As always, there is a pile of items to try on again. Here you can determine if you still like it, fit it, or want it. If you think you want to keep it, find three items in your wardrobe to wear it with and you’ll never go wrong. Also make sure there are no holes or damage to the clothing.

You can also do a gym/sunday chilling pile. This is good for your baggy t-shirts, trackies, and holey items if you are desperate to keep them.

We managed to get through a lot of clothes and at the end had a sizeable pile to throw away/donate. I recommend holding the items in your house for a week, looking through again and making sure that you want to donate them. This means that you will definitely know!

This wardrobe was very fun to do and thanks to my lady friend for participating!!

T xx

PS if you want me to come to your house and help you with your wardrobe and give you loads of invaluable advice tailored to you, and you live in the Edinburgh area please don’t hesitate to get in touch!!

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Wardrobe – From Nightmare Into Daydream!

Hey land mermaids.

I want you to do something for me.

Get up. Go to your wardrobe. How many things you know don’t fit? How many items have price tags still on (I know everyone does!)? How many items have holes in them?

You are in NEED of a wardrobe makeover!!!

I’ll give you my example. I did this on my wardrobe not too long ago and counted about 40 t-shirts. No lie. Do I wear half of them? No I do not. I prefer to rotate my t-shirt of the Rock when he was a teen (you know the one, check his instagram, it’s a treat!) and my Led Zeppelin t-shirt. The others are old band t-shirts that are way too small, and t-shirts so old that I should not have them at all (hello t-shirts from when i was 16!)

I got rid 8 bags worth of clothes. As a result, I now enjoy getting dressed again! It’s refreshing to finally go into my wardrobe and see items that I have not worn or seen in ages and make an outfit from them! Items that I am unsure of wearing with what,  I now have outfits for! Its a Christmas miracle.

I have a few friends that have volunteered to let me invade their wardrobes and let me help clear their unwanted clothing (blogs to come). If you are in need of doing this yourself and do not have my deets then please follow this guide.

  1. If it has a hole in it and it is not super expensive (i.e. something you can go to a seamstress for) then get rid of it.
  2. Items that you think you might get into one day once you lose/gain weight – get rid of unless you will get into it in the next two months – often women like to hold onto items for years thinking they will fit into it when they don’t realise the magic of the woman’s body and the baby bearing hips we all get. Buy items that are wearable now, not later/if/when!
  3. Gather a pile of holiday wear and hang or fold in another place. Items that you would only wear in the heat of summer or on holiday don’t need to be in your wardrobe full time. This clears the way for your day to day.
  4. Same with formal items, hang all your evening wear in another place. Even though it’s nice to look at them, you need a clear mind and wardrobe when faced with getting ready for the day.
  5. Formal items – are they dry cleaned? Do they need resewing or repaired? Do they have a covering bag over them? Look at these issues as you don’t want the next time you wear this item to be when you need to go to an event.
  6. Workwear – hang in your wardrobe all together. That way you can select quickly what you can wear to work on those mornings that you just can’t be bothered being.
  7. For your other items, look at each piece. Does it fit? Does it have any holes or pulls? Is it actually fitting in with what you want to project to the world about yourself? If you wore it when you were in high school chances are you aren’t the same person anymore – does it fit in with your new lifestyle? Decide from there.
  8. Make piles – one for getting rid of, one for repair, one for trying on again (just incase you aren’t sure about it) and one for selling.
    – Getting rid of – keep these in your house for a week. This way you can really decide whether you want them or not. Donate them to charity – or if they are well known labels, sell them on Ebay!
    – One for repair – make sure the item is worth repairing – either monetary or sentimental worth.
    – One for trying on again – make sure it fits well and you still want it as part of your wardrobe today.
    – One for selling – Separate items that you think might sell – items that are well known or are cool enough to sell – you can sell on Ebay and at least get a bit of money towards your wardrobe!

Lastly – hang your wardrobe in order of tops, bottoms, sweaters etc and dresses. This means that you can put together an outfit more readily in the morning. Make sure you have good quality hangers (not metal ones) and items that stretch easily are folded into shelves.

I hope you now enjoy getting ready in the morning!! Send me pics of you wearing something that you have unearthed and I’ll pop it on the blog!

T xx

Challenging your buying habits and streamlining your wardrobe!

Hi team! This is a blog about your wardrobe and how to buy smarter!

A woman’s wardrobe can cause stress, grief, joy, and bubbling excitement. You get up for the day, you look into your wardrobe, and there are a million different options on who you want to be today. A top and a cool jean means you are fashionably aware yet nonchalant to be like: “Oh this old thang?” while secretly high fiving yourself on choosing said outfit that morning.

Now here comes the tricky part. There are parts of your wardrobe deemed NO ACCESS areas. This means there are clothes there that you want to get into one day, part their prime but can’t bring yourself to get rid of, and the biggest fashion crime, unworn with tags. This happens a lot in wardrobes I have seen over the years and it is a big crime, but a source of shame for people.

These corners of your wardrobe need to be addressed so they can let the rest of your wardrobe shine.

People often buy and take home items, try them on, then realise that they don’t look good outside the shop for whatever reason, then are too embarrassed to take them back so leave them in their wardrobe. This is a big no no in my books. Send it back, get yo money, then buy something you will wear!

Other things in the wardrobe are sentimental items. Now I know this pain as I have a pair of MC Hammer sequin pants that I have not worn in years, but I have kept as I have had a good time wearing them and they have good memories. However, this is a trap. Do you have pictures of you in your beloved item? Good, theres the memories. Throw the sequins away (can’t believe I just typed that who am I?).

Stop waiting to try get into clothes. A woman’s shape is ever changing and mysterious, so just go with the flow and your body and buy clothes that fit well NOW. If you are working on yourself fitness wise (see my Fitness Athleisure wear blog HERE) then good on you, keep that heart ticking and get healthy. Live life now and get clothes that make you look good on the journey.

Another one I see a lot of is tops that have holes, faded, run down, tired. I had a lot of those in my wardrobe and it is amazing how many things past their date I kept or continued to wear into my twenties when they should have stopped in my teens. Even my nightwear was sad. So I updated in good quality jimmy jams and got rid of my holey tshirts and frayed jeans. Get rid of it. Donate any wearable good stuff but get rid of the rest.

Donating is a great way to keep the life of a clothing piece going. When you think about the work that goes into making a piece of clothing, you want to make sure that it gets the most out it as possible. Plus you could make a grown woman scream in the middle of a charity shop because she has been looking for your top for AGES (may or may not be based on the life of the blogger here).

Buy sensibly in the first place. Invest in clothing, don’t just buy a £3 top. Look at the material, the price, where it was made, who is selling it. These factors match up with our own personal values and ensure that we are buying smarter and not just on a whim, which leads to many clothes being wasted.

There are many clothes swaps nights happening around the world, get along to one of those and take your good quality items to swap with other like minded people. This is a great example of the ‘one in, one out’ theory where if you buy something, you get rid of something.Or have one of your own with mates!

So these are a few ways to really challenge yourself and your buying habits, which building a wardrobe that ultimately makes YOU feel good!

T xx

Want to know more about wardrobe culling? I wrote a blog on it….

Wardrobe – from nightmare into daydream

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What She Hangs Brightly actually IS!!

Hi team!

So I am over 1 year on She Hangs Brightly, and its been a great year! We have covered many topics over the year, and I have many more for over the next year!

This blog covers what I do and what I want to do.

I set up She Hangs Brightly to put together my fashion skills and retail experience, plus my love of social media and blogging. She Hangs Brightly is a wardrobe consultant and personal shopping business that endeavours to have a real girl (not yet a woman…I am 31 this year though!) to help you with your wardrobe and what may be holding you back!

Let me take you through the process, because I understand, someone strange coming to your house and digging around in your wardrobe sounds cringeworthy. What if they see that weird top you bought when you were 16? What about that dress with tags on you bought 6 years ago and shoved to the back of the wardrobe as you realised you hated the colour when you got out of the shop? These are all great questions, but as people can testify, I am super normal and I have a crazy wardrobe myself. Plus after I gutted 25 tshirts of my husbands from his wardrobe (some of them older than our whole relationship!) I am not phased by anything. I want to make it as comfortable for you as possible and show you ways to work your wardrobe to who you are and who you want to be!

So let me break it down.

I come over.

You show me your wardrobe. We start the process of donating, repairing, keeping and selling.

Donate. We bag up the donations and put them in the corner of your room to keep for a week. If you still want to keep some of them, by all means.

Selling. We put a pile of clothing to sell aside and talk about options such as Ebay or any other platform to sell them on.

Repairing. We can look at getting high price items repaired and actually available for you to wear.

Keeping. We then start putting together outfits for work, play, formal. This is where my skills and experience will come into play as we discuss you and what you are about, and provide you with some simple solutions.

We then can sit together and talk about any holes (not literally) in your wardrobe that you need to sort, such as a coat, or a work skirt, etc. And if you like, we can go shopping for them!

The whole process is relaxed, and informal. I keep everything confidential, or if you give permission, I will write a blog and omit your name – giving you a sparkly new one like Beyonce the second, or HotChick32 etc (wasn’t everyones hotmail address like this way back when?), it is completely up to you! Then I want to see pics of you rocking your new outfit as I love to see what you do with your new wardrobe, and with permission, publish them!

I am in the process of sorting gift vouchers also, its a great gift for someone who just wants to make their wardrobe work for them and not against them.

So there it is! The Pitch!

Please get in touch if you would like me to sort you out, unfortunately I am in Edinburgh only, although I will do a residency in New Zealand when I come over in September/October, and will come to Glasgow eventually too so please get in contact!

Prices are on my Facebook, and promotions are going on all the time so make sure you are on my Facebook and Twitter!

T xx

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Wardrobe Consultancy!

Hi team!

So I want to go into a little more on what I do and how I can help you with your wardrobe!

I took a poll on Twitter asking why you wouldn’t book an appointment with a Wardrobe Consultant, and the three options and results were:

  • Don’t need it – 75%
  • Too shy – 0%
  • Can’t afford it – 25%

These results were indicative of my hypothesis (trying to sound smart here) and proved very interesting!

Now I am very aware that a lot of people would consider my work a surplus service, a cherry on the top if you will. However I am firm in the belief that even a one hour session will help you and your wardrobe. Even just in the first stage of keep, fix, donate.

Every Spring and Autumn I gut my wardrobe and every time this rolls along I marvel at the crap I hang onto. All the items I bought over the season that I haven’t worn since, or thought I could work into my wardrobe but couldn’t!

As per my shopping mindfully blogs over March,I feel we all need to step up and take responsibility for this world and ourselves. I feel genuinely that a messy wardrobe really affects your mood in the morning, as everything is everywhere, and you don’t know what to wear, or worse, you aren’t finding inspiration. I want everyone to look in their wardrobe and think on how great they will look today in their outfit that they choose from it.

My wardrobe is just about due for a gutting and believe me, it needs it. There are so many things I haven’t worn over the season, so much black (for life y’all) so many wasted purchases! I am working on my wardrobe all the time too, its a life job.

I don’t want everyones wardrobe to look the same when I finish, I want it to look like a haven for them, a source of fun, and a showcase of their amazing taste and style.

So I would like you to think off my service as an investment. It may only be something you purchase once in a lifetime, but it will have far reaching stretches. It will start to reformat the way you shop, the way you think about yourself, and your peace of mind.

Now I want to finish this off by making it clear this isn’t just a spiel about buying my service, y’all know I write blogs giving you the tools to do this for yourselves (Wardrobe – from nightmare into daydream) but I genuinely love gutting peoples wardrobes and getting the satisfaction that someone is being helped with my service. I want your stories on if you have done it at home. I want to give you advice about it. Working customer service enables me to talk to customers everyday all day and I have heard so many stories of women struggling, that I really want to make a difference in this area.

So please, get involved! Tell me what you do in your wardrobe, what you love, what you hate, and if you want the real deal and you live in Edinburgh, give me a bell!

T xx

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The Mermaid’s Wardrobe

I recently went around to a lovely friend of mine and redid her wardrobe according to my wardrobe rules. She has a fun bohemian style with a lot of elephants featured in her clothing and a lot of strong jewel tones.

We started with her wardrobe. Now she is the same as me and has clothes from when she started Uni. Now Uni is a time where you experiment with various things, including your wardrobe, when you are cute and wearing shorter and tighter things, or stuff that is super crazy. Now this is appropriate for that age, but at the ages we are at, this is not cool. Luckily her items were still appropriate but some had to go due to being lovingly worn.

Next up, formal dresses. A lot of these are needing to be altered so had to be put into a pile of items to be sewn. The pricier the item, the more it is okay to get it altered or tailored. On a cheap H&M top? No no. You can also dye old dresses or have them shortened to make them even more wardrobe.

During this rummage, we discovered that my lady friend had a very definite style. She had a lot of elephant tops, and also lots of strong colours. This was interesting as she didn’t see that she had a definitive style. The other thing was that there were a LOT of items I had  never seen on her before and there was some cool items!!

We hung up the items in her wardrobe in the following order:

Work wardrobe, Tops, Trousers, Sweaters, Dresses.

I also always encourage items that are formal to be put in another place with plastic covers so they don’t get touched when you are rummaging through your wardrobe.

We put some new outfits together and I also encouraged her to invest in many different belts as these define your waist and are a great accessory.

Top tips:

  1. Age appropriate wardrobe
  2. Separate work wardrobe at the front of your wardrobe so you don’t have to rummage everyday.
  3. Sit back and look at the colours and styles of your clothing. What is your style?
  4. Invest in your formal wardrobe so they are always ready to go with events.
  5. Don’t feel you have to get a whole new wardrobe when you strip your old one.
  6. Experiment with putting items together and adding accessories to revive old classics.

Next up, a lady who loves Disney and has an amazing wardrobe!

Wardrobe – From Nightmare Into Daydream

Hey land mermaids.

I want you to do something for me.

Get up. Go to your wardrobe. How many things you know don’t fit? How many items have price tags still on (I know everyone does!)? How many items have holes in them?

You are in NEED of a wardrobe makeover!!!

I’ll give you my example. I did this on my wardrobe not too long ago and counted about 40 t-shirts. No lie. Do I wear half of them? No I do not. I prefer to rotate my t-shirt of the Rock when he was a teen (you know the one, check his instagram, it’s a treat!) and my Led Zeppelin t-shirt. The others are old band t-shirts that are way too small, and t-shirts so old that I should not have them at all (hello t-shirts from when i was 16!)

I got rid 8 bags worth of clothes…

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