My Tattoo Journey (Sorry Mum)

Hi team!

This week I am going to talk to you about my tattoos. I have 3 of them, and boy, are they all different!

Getting a tattoo is so personal. My first one was very quick, cheap, and of its time.

It’s a Playboy Bunny.

God help Mum when she saw that!!

It was actually well done, the bunny looked quite accurate, I have since seen many many terrible ones. And as I have it placed on my right hip and don’t wear low waisted jeans anymore, this means that no one will see it unless I’ve had a bit of wine and we are talking about it. It usually goes “Guess what tramp stamp I have.” I have no regrets on this one, I was 16, and I went through the sitting like a champ.

The next one I got as I wanted to be like Captain Jack Sparrow and have a swallow tattooed. It took me ages to find placement, but eventually I got it on my right wrist underneath. I got it done at The Family Business Tattoo in London, which is a well respected tattoo parlour, and the guy that did it had a massive swallow on his wrist. He also took my design and enhanced it, adding shading, and it turned out way better that I had expected. I definitely recommend them!


My most recent one is an Octopus by tattoo artist Kerry Gentle here in Edinburgh. I wanted a big tattoo, from my bikini line to the top of my knee, which is killer. I had looked at placement of a tattoo like this, and some people had them under their armpit to their elbow, on their leg, etc. I felt the placement of it on my thigh was perfect as it was a great canvas PLUS it was hidden and only for me, as I wanted something powerful.


Getting tattooed is an interesting experience. I would say it is a hot needle running over your skin. And if you see the detail of my octopus, you will see how much it would have hurt! I got tattooed beside another girl getting her millionth tattoo, and it really helped, as it kept my mind off things but also it was a great camaraderie also.

I also come from New Zealand which has a huge Maori community, a lot of whom have Maori themed tattoos. I definitely think I would like to get tattooed in New Zealand as it’s a part of my blood and culture, and it means I will always have a part of New Zealand with me. And after that, who knows?

I’d love to hear stories and pictures of your tattoos, tag me on social media!!

T xx

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The Fuck Off Fund.

Hi! Welcome to another blog!

Its been really fun exploring some things us ladies deal with all the time, and now here is one giving hopefully helpful advice!

I came across this idea and it really spoke to me.

The Fuck Off Fund.

Basically you save money for a rainy day, but with a much more integrated personal touch.

Shit hits the fan? You have a little pot of money sitting there.

Now I am not going to say “You need to save x amounts of months pay etc” – I am just going to introduce the idea to you and why you should have it.

Every person needs a Fuck Off Fund. If you need to get out of a situation (e.g. relationship ends badly and quickly, you need to leave the country to see dying family, you need to leave your job, you need to support a friend or family member, or what individual purpose you need it for. The Fuck off Fund is entirely suited to you, but it’s not about saving for a great holiday, or that sale at the mall *Valley Girl voice* – it is a tool that you will have to throw money at a situation you maybe have found yourself in or something super unexpected hits you.

It’s not to run away from your problems because you have had a bad day. Thats what your Big Girl panties are for. Unless they are out on the line.

You need to be financially stable and know that whatever happens, it’s sitting there. Heck get a high interest bank account for it and watch it grow.

A nice idea I thought of is if that Fuck off Fund doesn’t get used, donate some to charity, and thank the heavens you never had to use it! Or start someone else’s Fuck off Fund.

So have a think about what the Fuck off Fund means to you, and let me know if you do start one off and what you would use it for!!

T xx

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Hobbies: Making a Happy Jar

So this last Christmas, I decided it was a great idea to handmake a lot of my presents for people.

Just wow guys. What a lot of hard work (especially as I love being creative but rubbish at it!)

One of the ideas I came across is having a Happy Jar. I made two for two friends and they are a great idea to boost your self esteem when you are low.

All you need is coloured card cut into cards, a fancy swishy pen, some glitter, and a cute container (I used an old fashioned sweet jar!).

I proceeded to write down quotes that have helped me, and left some blank, folded them up and with the glitter, popped them in the container! I used all different colours but really you can do them in your favourite colours, it really is so personal. Other things you can write are:

  • Memories
  • Favourite songs
  • A self-care prompt
  • Leave them blank for writing your own quotes or ideas as you go along
  • A funny story or joke

You can do so much with this and I am now hooked on making them. They look so pretty (see picture below)

Have you made one? Show me!

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T xx

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Im 31 and I have a 90s Obsession. (Music)

Hi team!

So this week I am going to talk to you about music of the 90’s (and 2000’s)

What about it huh. What about it. I was a pop girl at this point and which I appreciated grunge at the time, pop was what I was living for.

It was tacky, amazing, catchy, everything had a dance sequence, and everyone wore those weird face microphones so they could dance and sing (lip sync).

I was all about Britney, AJ was my favourite Backstreet Boy, and Return of the Mack was my party jam. I was living my best life.

Here is a breakdown of the music I liked at the time, and that my boyfriends DESPISED.


Backstreet Boys

The Spice Girls




Missy Elliot

No Doubt

My first CD(s) was Shaggy’s Boombastic, and Mariah Carey. I know those albums inside and out and are still fans of them today.

I adored Gwen Stefani and still do, she was cool and rocked out, and I loved Britney as she really could dance, while Christina was a vocal goddess.

I amassed a collection (who said impressive? Not me) that encompasses ALL of the 90s and 2000s songs that I loved and that I hadn’t owned. I feel like most of my music collection is from the 90s, and every time I listen to a song from that era it really makes me feel good.

So who are your favourite 90s/00s artists? Let me know!

T xx

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Feeling Journal

Hi team!

So today I am talking about my secret weapon – my Feeling Journal.

It might go under other names but for me this is what I named mine!

Like a lot of people I know, I have a million notebooks lying around the house, waiting for a purpose. I am addicted to buying pretty notebooks. One of them was given to me by my best friend she bought when she was away on holiday. This book has provided me with a venue to talk about my day in short snappy bullet points.

The point of a Feeling Journal is to note down three positive things about your day. This is particularly helpful when I am feeling down or feeling like my day hasn’t been productive or interesting. For example I could write:

  • Had a nice coffee and chat with my sister in law
  • Met a dog
  • Got done one thing off my to do list.

This enables me to look back over the week or month and see that actually it was the small things that made up a day, and not may the one bad thing that happened that I thought took over the day.

This book is great to reflect on your day, and think positively for the day tomorrow. I have nearly filled up this one, and am going to start fill out my new diary with 3 things so I never forget. And it doesn’t matter if you do forget. You can encompass the days you missed into one post!

This is a great technique for getting your thoughts onto paper and really changing the way you are thinking. After all, life is about those little moments.

Have you tried this? Comment me and let me know how you get on!


T xx

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Hobbies: Origami!

I have many hobbies. I like to pride myself on being creative, but rubbish at it. I recently got back into origami as I really enjoy the process of it and making cute little shapes. I was pleased to realise that I could still fold a paper crane with the best of them!

Origami began in the 6th century and it’s modern form started in 1954. It is a form of playing with paper and there are communities around the world devoted to origami, such as the British Origami Society. While a lot of the designs are traditional, there are a lot of great people coming up and making super different shapes and designs. Perhaps not for the beginner but once you get skilled enough you can go fold a Darth Vader (no joke). I would say that this is another form of therapy for anxiety as you have to really concentrate on folding correctly and if you get it wrong, start again, you will get it! I have folded a swan, a crane, and a heart, and have my eye set on a butterfly next. It’s a great game for children as well, as it expands the art of paper folding beyond paper planes.

Here are some examples both modern and traditional.



If you do get folding, I recommend going on Youtube and finding tutorials as I find that the easiest way to see how you are getting on with it. Let me know how you get on, i want to see!

T xx


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My Address Book!

Hi team!

So this is where we delve into the nerdier part of me, and if you are the same, please holler at me!

I have a well used address book that I have had since I was 16. I keep everyone’s address in it, and there are many crossed out ones where people have moved, changed names, or I have simply fallen out of touch with.

I write letters and postcards to people, and send birthday cards, anniversary cards, and cards just because. I find this dying art fun and fascinating, as a lot of people are very social media minded (me too obvs) but I love sitting down and writing a letter to someone to genuinely enquire on how life is, whats changed, and whats to come. I love receiving letters in the post (who doesn’t) and I love getting proper stationary to write on.

Now a lot of my friends don’t write letters, but there are a few that do, even if they come once a year on my birthday. I love these momentos, and keep them as they remind me of particular moments in my life.

I had many pen pals in school, due to me being more confident on paper that in person (still true tbh) and I have kept many of the letters that my friends and I scribbled in primary, high school, and beyond.

I am a true stationary girl, and love going into a stationary store and buying pens, paper, postcards, post it notes, you name it. But I have never given up my funny old address book that is way too young for me now, and has nearly filled up to the brim with addresses that I’ll never send letters to. However I really can’t give it up as it is a vital piece of my history and tells me more than many more momentos I have.

In a world of networking and swapping business cards, there is still a place for thank you cards and letters, or a card sent to congratulate someone for a new job. I definitely think if you sent someone a letter today, you will get a great feeling when they message you via social media to tell you thank you or better yet, write you back! Make room in your life for an address book, as it is a vital part of connecting yourself to someone in an ever-changing world.

Show me your address book and make a stationary nerd happy!


T xx

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Fashion in Film: My Best Friend’s Wedding

HI team, welcome to another in this series of Fashion. In. Fiiiiiiiiilm…


Anyway this one is My Best Friend’s Wedding. Now let me start off with saying Julia Roberts is a international treasure. I love her in many films and this is one where she is so good in, you can’t keep your eyes away.

The film is amazing but the fashion is even better, especially when bridesmaids dresses come into play. So here goes!


Now Julia in this film rocks the lady suit. The high trousers, a blazer, a plain tshirt, a necklace and cool round glasses. And the hair. The Hair. As far as I am concerned, that hair is her costar.  She has the coolest work style and if I ever work in an office I will be taking tips. She still looks young and sexy but you can tell she means business.


She looks stylish and reserved. She looks like a lady of the 90’s and very Chanel like. I like this outfit a lot.


This pivotal scene is also pivotal in the fashion. She’s obviously just thrown some clothes on without any thought into it, but manages to look like a total babe.

This is a strong look and you might have to do a few sit-ups to get this look (or not, who cares really) and could be your summer look or just your look when you are crashing a wedding? Anyway, this scene was very dramatic but I was just looking at the outfit. Too cool.


Now we come to the crux of the film, and that dress. Oh that dress.

Now my girl Julia can rock it, but this is something else as a dress. My mum had a similar coloured one when she was a bridesmaid, so it must have been a trend!

Either way, she does make it look very good and props to her, as it really could have been worse!



Special mention goes to Cameron Diaz:


She has a really cute preppy look in this film and it really suits her!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Fashion in Film and if you have any suggestions for the next one, let me know!

T xx

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I’m 31 and I have a 90s Obsession. (Language)

Hi team!

Welcome to the last instalment of my love for the 90s. Have I saved the best for last? Perhaps. I am talking about all the cool words we used to say in the 90s/00s that we thought were soooo cool. I said some of these to one of my young super cool staff members and she looked at me like I was nuts. She then told me all the cool words that she and her friends say and I felt like an old woman as I didn’t understand them at all! Think of how our parents felt!

Lets take the word PHAT. Phat was a word I tried and then was like ughhh….not sure about this one. But everything was PHAT in the 90s, or cool if you aren’t in the know. So totally PHAT. That issue of Smash Hits was totally PHAT this month. The Vengaboys are PHAT. Etcetc.

BOOYAH!!! Which means YAY! AWESOME! YOU KNOW IT! What a word that is satisfying to say and you have to say it loud with some kind of arms spread pose also, just to drive your own coolness home.

Talk to the hand. Just talk to the hand. I LOVED this one as a teenage girl because its so sassy. Accompanied with your palm close to someones face, this was meant to shut people up, including bewildered parents and boyfriends. This one should come back for sure.

Thats so fly. Your top is fly. Ya girl is fly. It means cool. I like it. Its a word that isn’t in use that much but I am sure it still kicks about.

What were your favourite words of the 90s? Tell me!

T xx

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Day in the Life of a Blogger

Hi team! Ever wanted to know what life is like of a blogger. Specifically this blogger?

Note – all of this does get disrupted by me getting inspired by a topic and writing like crazy so often this ‘day in the life’ turns into a total blog fest! However, I do like doing all the other parts of the job of being a blogger and here is a rundown of that!

Here we go!

8am. I grumble and struggle to get up as I am lazy. I get up and have cereal with banana and a coffee, sometimes prepared by my husband on the coffee maker he got me, and now he likes to use.

9am. I run through all my social media, seeing whats new that my fellow bloggers are putting up, replying to comments, and liking stuff and commenting. There are a lot of great people I have connected with on Twitter and I like to see what they are up to.

9:30am.  I work on Canva, producing blog headers for my blogs, sourcing pictures that I have taken and working them into graphics to catch the eye. I also look at older ones and rework.

11am. Snack time! This is when I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race for a little longer than intended but Sasha Velour is going to win I know it!

11:45am. I get back to work on Canva, putting together inspiration memes that I publish on Saturdays. This is a fun part of my job as I like to put my own twist on it and make people laugh. Have you seen my Shrek one?

1:15pm. I get back on social media, posting stuff that is trending, reposting and sharing my latest blog on the platforms for the lunchtime readers. I also read a few at this time as I like to support my fellow bloggers and there is some amazing content out there!

2pm. Lunchtime! I can’t be a shut in all day, so I’ll often go get lunch out, go for a walk, and snap some pics for my blog/social media. If there is a cute dog I will pat it.

3pm. I’ll get in touch with businesses about collaborating and writing guest blogs for companies to get my following up and practise my writing.

4pm. I’ll check my Hootsuite to make sure my whole month is full of interesting content and if something current is needing talked about I will move stuff around to make it great for my readers.

5pm. I clock off for the day. If there is an event I will go to this in the evening, otherwise I will go out with friends, or binge watch Netflix (Party of Five, amirite?)

The life of a blogger is fun, varied, and you talk to a lot of interesting people. However it is important to get out and experience life, even if it is a walk during the day. Your readers want fun interesting experiences, and even if you go for a walk around the block, the magic of life could spark ideas for you  that your readers will love!

T xx

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