Edinburgh Festival: Stella Graham

Hi guys! So this was meant to come to you on Friday but its the festival and I have been out and about! I did a blog on my picks of the festival (Edinburgh Festival: A Kiwi girls Guide to the shows to see!) – give a look, but for this blog I am going to focus on a lady called Stella Graham!

Stella is come Coventry, and is one of the funniest people I know. She often comes to the festival to do her comedy show, and works hard at her craft. This year she is up here for a few shows during the festival that are well worth it! Here’s a blurb about the show, entitled: Rage Against the Unclean.

Ever felt your inner volcano explode at the sight of a motorway middle lane driver, or had an office job so boring you applied to join the North Korean Circus? Then this is the show for you. Coventry born Stella Graham is like a pressure cooker, barely keeping the lid on her rage, with hilarious consequences.

If you like a comedian who is quick with the punchlines and just an all around nice person, go see Stella! Click the link to find out dates! And its FREE!

Stella Graham – Rage Against the Unclean

T xx

Edinburgh Festival: A Kiwi girls Guide to the shows to see!

Hi guuuuuuuuuuuys!

So the Edinburgh International Festival is happening, and there are so many amazing things going on! Every year people descend on Edinburgh for a month of gigs, fireworks, and street performers. By the 3rd week the locals are rolling their eyes a tiny bit but for now WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So I thought I’d put together the shows I will be hitting this month and I hope you do too.

Tape Face – The best of Tape Face – Pleasance Grand – August 2 – 27 (Not 15)

This show is amazing. It won the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2012 and it so deserves it. It really showcases the talent of this guy and is a funny and heartwarming show. He reached the finals of Americas Got Talent and sold out his show in 2013. The best show I saw of him was when he got an audience member up and then through a series of movements got her to do the clay pot making scene from Ghost. It was HILARIOUS. I really recommend it.

Modern Maori Quartet – Assembly George Square Studios Three – August 3 – 28

I’m biased, sue me. 4 Maori boys crooning on an afternoon? Sure! Sign me up. Plus they are funny and good for a laugh. I definitely will be seeing this show with a glass of NZ wine in my hand!

Barnardo’s Big Comedy Benefit – Venue150 at EICC – August 10

This is one close to my heart as it is my chosen charity and they do an amazing job at what they do! Previous acts have included Nina Conti and David O’Doherty, its a great gig for a good cause and it won’t disappoint!

Lush Lock-In – Lush Spa Edinburgh 115 Princes Street – August 4,5,11,12,18,19,25,26

Um….lock in at Lush? Yes please!!! They are offering product making, bath art, charity talks, live music, a free cuppa and free massage treatment tasters! First come first served and free so get your butt to one PRONTO.

Is Your Online Reputation Hurting You? – New Town Theatre – August 11

So this is a really interesting event I will be attending, as more than ever we have to be aware of what we put out online. Nicola Osbourne from the University of Edinburgh Digital Footprint team gives a talk on this including the traces we leave online and why we should care.

Making a Murderer – A Conversation with Defence Attorney Jerry Buting – New Town Theatre – August 09-13

If you were obsessed with Making a Murderer as I am, you have to get to this event. I was obsessed with the series and now I want more. Jerry Buting will talk about the American criminal justice system and Steven Avery’s case. Time to get my nerd hat on 🙂 🙂

Darius Davies: Road to Wrestlemania – Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters – August 3-14, 16-28

This is the story about how Darius Davies wanted to be a professional wrestler and failed! With many funny bits, this will be a great show on someone following their dream and what happened!

Auld Reekie Roller Girls Host Roller Derby British Champs Triple Header – Meadowbank Sports Centre – August 12

I am SO DOWN with this. These girls are superheroes to me and I am so excited to watch them in motion and at 8 pounds, its a bargain to watch these ladies in action!!

That is my list!! Let me know if you are going and your reviews!!

T xx

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Volunteering at Barnardos!

Hi team!

So this week I am talking about my time volunteering for Barnardos. I lived by and shopped in the Stockbridge, Edinburgh one for ages, and then saw that they wanted a Visual Merchandiser, and wanting to be a Visual Merchandiser myself, I went in and applied to volunteer! I remember being very nervous for my first shift, as at the time, I was in the midst of depression and found it hard to leave the house sometimes. So volunteering even just for a 4 hour shift per week was a huge step for me and in the end, it really helped.

So on my first day, I got to grips with the store and how Barnardos worked. I learned about the company and its values, and got shown how to take and organise donations.

The team were made up of a manager, a full time staffer, and volunteers, and was a very close knit team. There were people from all walks of life volunteering and it was really fun going to volunteer each week!

I quickly came to love my job at Barnardos. We had a vintage section that became my passion, and I loved using props to showcase our fabulous vintage donations and watching people get excited about finding a treasure from the racks.

I also did the windows for summertime and helped come up with themes for it, and refreshing all the trinket shelves.

I also started to help price the vintage items, which was amazing seeing first the goodies being donated. I remember an Alexander McQueen bolero being donated, which was amazing. I also managed to pick myself up some army boots that the names of the 4 previous girls that had owned them – naturally I added mine to that illustrious list.

We had a Christmas night out as a team and I really can remember it being the funnest Christmas night out I’d ever had. We all sat at a long table and got presents and really had a great time. Christmas in the shop was great as well, decorating the windows and seeing all the great Christmas cards and wrap that Barnardos bring out every year and that I still purchase every year!

When I left I got given a beautiful vintage top and a record that I had wanted for ages. I was sad to leave, but by the time I had left, I was more confident in myself and had made so many great friends. Moving back to Edinburgh, I went in and felt that I really missed it. I really would like to go back to volunteering, so once I am out of full time, I would definitely go back, and recommend it to everybody!

T xx

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Where to go in Edinburgh off the beaten track!

Hi team!

Travelling to Edinburgh for the festival? Want to get out of the festival from time to time? Want to feel like a local? Here are some places to get some eats that are different and uniquely Edinburgh.

  1. Vino at the Arches – 37 E Market St, Edinburgh EH7 9AB

This is a part of a whole street that you can parade down and find a lot of fun and interesting shops and coffee bars, however this is the place to be on a sunny festival day. You can sit outside or in, with views of Calton Hill, and a chosen place to watch fireworks over New Year’s and the festival. They have an ever-changing wine list, beers, and you can get great recommendations on booze to take away. Get down here PRONTO.

2.  StarBar – 1 Northumberland Pl, Edinburgh EH3 6LQ

This is a great bar hidden in the new town, and is worth the travel! Hosting an extensive jukebox (10p a play) and a beer garden out the back. It is a great place to have a wild night or hang with the locals by the bar.

3. Tasty Buns Bakery – 67 Bread St, Edinburgh EH3 9AH

This is a great wee place that has amazing coffee and cake to die for. The owner is lovely will recommend the best cake for you, and nab the couch at the back to get the best seat in the house. Enjoy!

4. Black Bull – 43 Leith St EH1 3AT

So this is a great rock bar in the city centre, hosting a great jukebox (girl loves her jukebox) and a great selection of booze, plus a pool table. A great place for alternative crowds to meet, but welcoming to everyone.

This is my little list – let me know how you find them!

T xx

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Tiredtiredtired – A Woman’s Story.

Hi team!

You ever get that feeling you are spinning too many plates? The old trick of spinning plates on sticks and trying to keep them all going? Just me with that analogy?  Okay.

At the moment, life is busy. Hands up if you are in the same boat.

I went from being a Netflix ho to a business lady. And it’s a totally spin around I can tell you!

I am best when I am busy. And since I don’t plan on having kids I am resting my best life with the time I have. This means contributing to my community, setting up my own business, and trying to change careers. This means that I am on the go 24/7.

I am writing this blog instead of doing networking, replying to emails, and looking at stats on my blog pages as I am just tired and want to think about ways to relax.

So here are my sure fire ways to make sure you stay sane amongst the madness

  1. Take a bath. I have some Soap and Glory bath stuff that I got from my Secret Santa (holler at you!!)
  2. Read a gloriously thick magazine. (LOVE magazine is out now, and its a helluva great read).
  3. Watch that shitty movie on Netflix you love, even if you have seen it a million times.
  4. Do some stretches and twists, it will relax your body even more.
  5. Submit to a cat nap or going to bed early. It will help, promise.

Any other ways you take time out from your busy life?


T xx

Hobbies: Making a Happy Jar

So this last Christmas, I decided it was a great idea to handmake a lot of my presents for people.

Just wow guys. What a lot of hard work (especially as I love being creative but rubbish at it!)

One of the ideas I came across is having a Happy Jar. I made two for two friends and they are a great idea to boost your self esteem when you are low.

All you need is coloured card cut into cards, a fancy swishy pen, some glitter, and a cute container (I used an old fashioned sweet jar!).

I proceeded to write down quotes that have helped me, and left some blank, folded them up and with the glitter, popped them in the container! I used all different colours but really you can do them in your favourite colours, it really is so personal. Other things you can write are:

  • Memories
  • Favourite songs
  • A self-care prompt
  • Leave them blank for writing your own quotes or ideas as you go along
  • A funny story or joke

You can do so much with this and I am now hooked on making them. They look so pretty (see picture below)

Have you made one? Show me!

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Hobbies: Origami!

T xx

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Fashion in Film: My Best Friend’s Wedding

HI team, welcome to another in this series of Fashion. In. Fiiiiiiiiilm…


Anyway this week is My Best Friend’s Wedding. Now let me start off with saying Julia Roberts is a international treasure. I love her in many films and this is one where she is so good in, you can’t keep your eyes away.

The film is amazing but the fashion is even better, especially when bridesmaids dresses come into play. So here goes!


Now Julia in this film rocks the lady suit. The high trousers, a blazer, a plain tshirt, a necklace and cool round glasses. And the hair. The Hair. As far as I am concerned, that hair is her costar.  She has the coolest work style and if I ever work in an office I will be taking tips. She still looks young and sexy but you can tell she means business.


She looks stylish and reserved. She looks like a lady of the 90’s and very Chanel like. I like this outfit a lot.


This pivotal scene is also pivotal in the fashion. She’s obviously just thrown some clothes on without any thought into it, but manages to look like a total babe.

This is a strong look and you might have to do a few sit-ups to get this look (or not, who cares really) and could be your summer look or just your look when you are crashing a wedding? Anyway, this scene was very dramatic but I was just looking at the outfit. Too cool.


Now we come to the crux of the film, and that dress. Oh that dress.

Now my girl Julia can rock it, but this is something else as a dress. My mum had a similar coloured one when she was a bridesmaid, so it must have been a trend!

Either way, she does make it look very good and props to her, as it really could have been worse!



Special mention goes to Cameron Diaz:


She has a really cute preppy look in this film and it really suits her!

Look out for my next instalment next Sunday, same Bat Channel!

T xx

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I’m 31 and I have a 90s Obsession. (Language)

Hi team!

Welcome to the last instalment of my love for the 90s. Have I saved the best for last? Perhaps. I am talking about all the cool words we used to say in the 90s/00s that we thought were soooo cool. I said some of these to one of my young super cool staff members and she looked at me like I was nuts. She then told me all the cool words that she and her friends say and I felt like an old woman as I didn’t understand them at all! Think of how our parents felt!

Lets take the word PHAT. Phat was a word I tried and then was like ughhh….not sure about this one. But everything was PHAT in the 90s, or cool if you aren’t in the know. So totally PHAT. That issue of Smash Hits was totally PHAT this month. The Vengaboys are PHAT. Etcetc.

BOOYAH!!! Which means YAY! AWESOME! YOU KNOW IT! What a word that is satisfying to say and you have to say it loud with some kind of arms spread pose also, just to drive your own coolness home.

Talk to the hand. Just talk to the hand. I LOVED this one as a teenage girl because its so sassy. Accompanied with your palm close to someones face, this was meant to shut people up, including bewildered parents and boyfriends. This one should come back for sure.

Thats so fly. Your top is fly. Ya girl is fly. It means cool. I like it. Its a word that isn’t in use that much but I am sure it still kicks about.

What were your favourite words of the 90s? Tell me!

T xx

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Im 31 and I have a 90s Obsession. (Music)

Hi team!

So this week I am going to talk to you about music of the 90’s (and 2000’s)

What about it huh. What about it. I was a pop girl at this point and which I appreciated grunge at the time, pop was what I was living for.

It was tacky, amazing, catchy, everything had a dance sequence, and everyone wore those weird face microphones so they could dance and sing (lip sync).

I was all about Britney, AJ was my favourite Backstreet Boy, and Return of the Mack was my party jam. I was living my best life.

Here is a breakdown of the music I liked at the time, and that my boyfriends DESPISED.


Backstreet Boys

The Spice Girls




Missy Elliot

No Doubt

My first CD(s) was Shaggy’s Boombastic, and Mariah Carey. I know those albums inside and out and are still fans of them today.

I adored Gwen Stefani and still do, she was cool and rocked out, and I loved Britney as she really could dance, while Christina was a vocal goddess.

I amassed a collection (who said impressive? Not me) that encompasses ALL of the 90s and 2000s songs that I loved and that I hadn’t owned. I feel like most of my music collection is from the 90s, and every time I listen to a song from that era it really makes me feel good.

So who are your favourite 90s/00s artists? Let me know!

T xx

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Im 31 and I have a 90’s Obsession. (Clothing)

Hi team!

So this weeks blog is about the 90s and its clothing. Oh my word. Hoooooow amazing was the style. I’m including the 2000s in this too because I won’t let them get away with it either.

Here were my fashion idols in the 90s.



The Spice Girls

They were all very different and I wanted all of their wardrobes, and their abs, holy moly!

I am going to list what I wore in the 90s, please chime in if you wore these too!

Matching tracksuits (maroon, and a green set)

Body glitter

Cherry lipgloss

Green or blue mascara

Roll on perfume (those tiny little ones)

Sparkly Butterfly clips (the tiny ones)

Glitter Slides (shoes)

Hoop earrings (when you were old enough to wear them obis)

A nose stud

A tongue stud


I want to hear more of these so do comment below.

So I was a massive dork in the 90s but it was so fun to be one! You did your hair up, put body glitter on, your roll on perfume on, and your cherry lipgloss and you were ready for school. Life was so much simpler then. I feel that I want to bring body glitter back in a big way too.

I loved the crop tops, the US themed merch (Chicago Bulls, etc) high waisted jeans, chokers, piercings, and whatever JLo was doing at the time was totally my aesthetic. I was definitely a pop girl in the 90s, but since this trend has come back around I still love the pop stuff, but LOVE the grunge stuff – plaid, band tshirts, holey tshirts etc. I love that this trend has come back and own so much of it, and it really lends to my style. I even do Space Buns (hairstyle) when I am going out and want to feel fly.

What did you wear, what do you wear now from the high street offerings of 90s style?

T xx

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