My Favourite IPhone Apps!

Hi team!

So this blog is all about my favourite apps. I have realised I am actually quite techy, and I love being organised. I also love to play games on my phone as well. So I thought I would review a few of my favourite apps and I hope that they help you too!

asana logo


Asana is my most favourite app on my phone. I love being organised and this app is amazing. I got recommended it by one of my good friends and a fellow blogger Kayleigh (her blog linked here) and it helps me day to day.

The best thing about it? When you complete a task a unicorn or a narwhal flies across the screen. I was sold, obvs.

So you can set up a team or yourself, and then set up individual projects. I have Blogging, Business, Weekly Tasks, and my New Years Resolutions. I can then fill in my tasks and log them into each projects. If you have a team you can assign people to different projects as well, and keep an eye on how everyone going.

I set my tasks to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. This helps me to keep a track on what I am doing and if I am ahead, I can start tackling tasks that don’t have a date or are in the future to complete.

You can use this for work, personal, project planning, and so much more!

preview for instagram

Preview for Instagram

This app has started to become one of my favourite apps to use in partnership with Instagram. I recently started organising my feed by colour, and this app is perfect for doing that. You upload all your pictures to the app, then organise it by however you would like to organise it, by colour, or blocking, or however Beyonce does it (how cool is her feed?).

It has a range of filters so you can make every photo have the same filter. This means you can attain uniformity so your feed looks great. It also gives you great editing tools also to fine tune your image before you publish it.

You can schedule via the app, and also post via the app, however I wouldn’t recommend this, as the scheduling will remind you to post the item, but if you aren’t around your phone at that time, you will miss the opportunity to post at the opportune time. And with posting direct from the app, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to tag people in it or set your location. So I would recommend pulling all the pictures in, sorting it into the feed you want, then posting as you go. It really helps as sometimes you have a little trouble on what to post that day and it really helps to make sure you are constantly engaging with Instagram.

neko atsume app

Neko Atsume

Here is the history of the game before we launch into this fantastic game: “Yutaka Takazaki, the developer of the game, said that his goal was to create a game that even children could enjoy without a significant investment of skill or time.[9]While he loves cats himself, he has said that “to be honest, I do not know why this game is so popular.”[9] The game “was made between the development of other applications”.[10] Originally it was a software of the “just look and enjoy” style for players who like cats, and could be completed in 2–3 weeks for free.[11] Takazaki says, “We’re not going to put cheats or complexity in it, and we would like to pursue a game that can be enjoyed with only simple operations.”

This game was released in 2014, and I had heard a lot about it, but never played it. Well, what a journey. This game is so simple, yet so satisfying. In a world where games are getting super complicated, annoy you all the time with notifications, and take a lot of thinking to play, it really is refreshing to have a game you can just zone out and play when you want your mind to rest.

Basically you get a backyard, and a food bowl. and some silver fish to spend. You also get gold fish too, to purchase rare items. All you need to do is buy some items from the store that you think the cats would come into your backyard for, place those items in your backyard, purchase some cat food, fill up the bowl, and wait!

It takes a little while, and you can even exit the app for awhile and pop back in, but your cats should start to come. The cool bit on this app is the Catbook, so you can keep a track of what cats have come into your yard. You also have an option to take photos of the backyard which are then saved to your phone, so you can look back on it. You can also take photos of individual cats, which is good when you get rare ones. You have to just play around with what furniture and items you put in your yard. You also get left silver and gold fish by the cats. If you are lucky, you might even get a momento from a cat! You lucky lucky thing. There are 62 cats to attract, with 22 of them being rare. It also has fun music and really is a great game to play.

Have you tried any of these apps? What are your recommendations?

T xx

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My £2.99 Beauty Secret

Hi Team!

I know it’s not a secret now that I have written a blog about it but humour me OKAY.

So I have discovered something new (to me anyway), something affordable, and something that I am now going to use in place of my usual.

Let me introduce you to the battle of the oval brush vs the blending sponge!


So you might have read my foundation journeys (links down below) and the fact that being an oily faced girl sucks sometimes. Once you found the foundation of your dreams there is finding the best way to apply it.

So I tried a sponge, the Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge as I loved the style of it and the fact it proclaimed to get into the nooks and crannies of my eyes (which are darker than a goths soul) and it had a great texture. It did really well but the only thing was it really was a pain to make sure the foundation got into my pockmarked face. Side note: I picked at my face when I was a teen and although it is much better now there are many little scars over my face and enlarged pores that foundation likes to pour into and make it look like a muffin tin with raw mixture in it. Gross right?

So I did like my sponge but then I was in Lidl and spotted they had a makeup bit. I have seen a few bloggers review the makeup and haven’t tried it (future post maybe?) and had a nosy, but what caught my eye was the oval makeup brush for £2.99. It had pink bristles (always a winner) and a black handle. I had seen bloggers review this kind of brush and was very intrigued to see how it differed from a normal makeup brush and also a sponge.


So I took it home and popped my foundation on my hand to warm up, then tapped a bit onto the brush and did my forehead. Wow. It was like painting a painting but more like painted white onto a ghost. It covered my skin and didn’t sink too badly into my pores. I also liked what it did for my under eye areas and actually seemed to cover. I then sealed with powder and went on with my day. I tend to work under hot lights and air conditioning, so by lunchtime my skin can often be a crazy oily mess. By the way, I will write about it, but another foundation I have tried is  The Body Shop’s Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation in Kaili Azalea (I recently discovered I have a pink tone to my skin). So anyway, I found that my skin stayed matte all day, there were no brush strokes, and my powder stayed on well.

The technique with the brush is to brush (obviously) and the sponge you have to dampen before you pop the makeup on. Sometimes I find the moisture doesn’t help with matte foundations as they are made to be adverse to water and moisture so I find the application doesn’t go on as smoothly. And the brush is synthetic so there is no product left on the bristles whether the sponge does still tend to absorb a lot of product.

I know people like to apply makeup differently but I really think the oval headed brush is the way to go. You could go crazy and get the eyeshadow, concealer, blush brush etc but really, like the sponge, you can use it for a lot. I applied my colour corrector with it and it went well and not into the fine lines underneath my eyes!

Do you use a oval brush? Or are you firmly on the sponge team?

T xx

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Review: Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

Hi guys!

So I have just finished off my tube of my most favourite foundation ever.

Now if you have been reading my blog over the last few months you will know that I have been on the hunt for the perfect foundation. Now I think I have found it!

The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation (my shade is Kaiki Azalea).

I went into the Body Shop for a nosy as I love their body creams but I had also seen that they had come out with a new foundation. The Body Shop are also cruelty free and vegan so perfect for a lot of people. It has tea tree oil in it and the website proclaims it to be a breathable yet full-coverage matte finish. It also says it is resistant to water and sweat.

The lady in the shop asked if I wanted to be matched and then made up – well of course! She was great, applying the foundation with a brush and getting my skin tone match perfect. I wore it out of the shop and then applied it the next day with my sponge. I then went to work under air conditioning and hot lights, and it held up well. I had set it with matte powder as I love a super matte face but sometimes foundations don’t keep with the conditions and the powder and fail around 3pm or so. This one did really well, just showing up my exscema a little bit (but it’s quite bad atm) and that was it!

I have started using synthetic oval makeup brushes instead of my sponge and have found that the product works even better with it also, not sinking into the pores but minimising them. The pinkish tones of my face matched well with the foundation so there wasn’t a marked difference once blended, it just looked like my skin. After trying the thick Kat Von D foundation (link below) it really helped that this one was very light, and while matte, wasn’t drying, as I have been sick over the winter period and blowing my nose so my nose and top lip have been dry as well as my skin. It moisturised it and I didn’t see loose skin or anything, which is a result. Plus it helped me look less of a ghoul sneezing everywhere.

The only downside is the shade selection. With people like Rihanna upping the game with a million foundation shades, it would be great and needed for companies like the Body Shop to step up their game and offer these shades for everyone. It would be denying product to customers who already have a tough time finding foundation and will probably become lifelong customers of the brand.

So there it is guys. Unless I find another amazing foundation, this is the end of my journey to find foundation. When I kick it back up again, you guys will be the first to know!

T xx

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I Bought an Apple Watch Series 1 in 2018!

Hi guys!

This week I am talking about my Apple Watch that I closed my eyes and hit buy on Boxing Day. Oh boy am I eating noodles for the next few months!

So an Apple Watch, really any smart watch is really a luxury. You really don’t NEED one. Its almost an upgraded version of a beeper, except mine tells me to stand up all the time which over the festive period is annoying as you want to be in your bed watching Friends.

I bought one off Music Magpie secondhand in Acceptable Condition, and its pretty much perfect. It only didn’t come with a charger and it didn’t have brand new straps with it but its in great shape. I followed a similar route when I bought my iPhone (link to blog at end of blog) in that I didn’t go for the latest, I went for one in my budget and one that does what I want it to do.


After wearing it for a few days, and getting used to it it’s very interesting. In a world of constant beeps of phones, loudness in cities, and everything else, I did wonder if my anxiety would come into play with me being tapped on and beeped at all the time. As it turns out, my phone is now more annoying. My watch has a good range of apps that have moved over from the phone so I get notifications about emails etc but Facebook and Twitter updates are just very simple and I can’t go into the app from my phone so it means if it doesn’t matter straight away, its fine. I do like bells and whistles on my phone but I think I might take a more sedate approach with it to live a quieter life.


The other great thing about this is the Activity app. I chose my settings for Exercise, Move, and Stand goals for the day and then saw how it went over a day. I also have a Pedometer app on it also trying break that holy 10,000 steps mark (which over the festive period is very hard to achieve at least for this woman) and seeing what I actually do over a day.

At work, because I am a shop girl and am on my feet all day, its very easy to get over 10,000 steps, with one day going over 20,000 as I went running errands after work also. I also managed to close out my Move and Exercise rings as well, showing that I really do have an active job and while I veg out on my days off, it really isn’t as bad as I thought!


I also love find super weird that you can answer calls with it, rendering you the dream of people in the 80’s. I tried this with my husband in the same house and it was really weird. I’m not sold on it, but you never know, around the house it could be alright. I hate being that person with headphones on and phone up in the air in public so I can imagine what me talking into my watch will look like.

I also find interesting paying with my watch. I LOVE this on my phone, and its very bad as I’m obsessed with paying with my phone now instead of my cash or cards, which means my wallet is now useless. However paying with your Apple Watch is very weird and I am not sure I will make it a part of every day but it is cool to try out. Mostly as the cashiers look at you like you are a little bit nuts.

You can find a lot of apps on the phone that migrate with you, and even some great games on there too. With the companion app on your iPhone, you can set clock faces (hello Minnie Mouse!) and also tweak your settings, apps, and customise everything about it. It has a dedicated app store also, so you can see what you can put on your watch to aid you everyday. I don’t tend to have too much on to be honest, just stuff like the weather, messages, email, and all the fitness stuff.

You can store music on it also, and hook it up to bluetooth speakers or headphones. You can also use the iTunes remote on there to DJ at your parties or gatherings. I haven’t done this too much yet but can see that in the summertime when the weather is fine you can reach right up and touch the – sorry. Got into a Shaggy song there.

Straps are a big deal too. You can have fancy pants straps with pearls and jewels, or you can dial it back to a silicone no nonsense watch. I obvs am eying up a gold glitter strap and a hot pink silicone strap as I am me, but there are so many options besides Apple’s options on Ebay too, just worth a search!

At work I don’t have my phone on the floor at all so the watch is good as I would like to just use it as a watch sometimes and don’t have time to check every notification that comes in over the day. However on my days off it means that when I am in the zone, I can see whats important and should be addressed re an important email.

If you are looking to get one of these, definitely try out a few. Some are more Sport focused, some are definitely more luxury, but if you are wading in, head over to a website like Music Magpie to see whats on offer and if you can get a good condition one. Often people just upgrade like crazy so you may end up getting a watch that wasn’t worn or used that often for a great price. And as for the reason for getting one? It doesn’t matter.

Have you got one? Tell me the apps you use!

T xx

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Bright Edinburgh: The Trumpet Shop

Hi team!

So this week I am talking about a little shop called the Trumpet Shop. And before you ask, they get asked so many times if they sell trumpets that they’ve devised their own hashtag = wedontselltrumpets – tag them with your purchases and to remind everyone!


I’ve been going past this shop five days a week for the last year and it always looks like the most cosiest unique shop on George Street. It is at 46A George Street, down a few short stairs, and when I went to it to visit, it was decorated for Christmas with a nutcracker, stockings, and a gift wrapped door. Stepping in, it smelt like Christmas! It was very festive, warm, and inviting. There was some great jazz playing, which is the owner Ross’s passion, and a great touch to a shop like this. Looking around, it is decorated with a vintage flair, complementing it’s Art Deco prints with dark wood and fringed lamps. There is an old fashioned record player at the till point and brown paper ready to wrap your purchases in.


I had been attracted to the elephant prints, eventually buying a pack of 4 greeting cards, and Ross informed me that they were from cocktail napkins in San Francisco. I love the design and feel of these, and think I will come back for the full print soon.


The prints are beautiful and a lovely addition to your home, with a cocktail glass with red lips really appealing to me, perhaps to be hung over your drinks trolley? This shop feels exclusively curated, with every piece chosen by Ross.


They have a great range of railway prints, including advertisements for Oban, Dunbar, and Inverness. I have always admired the art of these and often get a postcard version to send to friends and family back home. You would be hard pressed to not find someone to give these to, as many people have fond memories of these places advertised and would love this in their home.


They have a range of alcohol on offer, including for Christmas, the Pickerings Gin Baubles, which are the greatest way to give someone the gift of Gin this Christmas!


There are books and other goodies in the store, with a budget for everyone, and the service was very friendly and helpful. With all the identical gifts out there for Christmas it’s nice to come into a shop that provides a point of difference and really strives to provide quality for it’s customers. I recommend a look in when you next head to George Street, you won’t leave without buying something I promise!


T xx

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Bright Events: Vino Winter Wine Tasting 2017

Boston and Hawthorne

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Bright Events: Vino Winter Wine Tasting 2017

I got the opportunity to attend the two sessions of the annual Vino Winter Wine tastings at Summerhall, and it was a fantastic event.

Vino has been in business for seven years now, and have shops all over Edinburgh. Every year they have a Winter Wine Tasting event to bring together wine lovers, customers, staff, and press to really show off the wines they stock from all over the world. Having the event at Summerhall is a great choice, as the Dissection Room (the room the event was held in) is a splendid space where they were able to put in 19 tables and a bar for the event.

There was a full table of sparkling wine, as you walked in, featuring brands such as Taittinger and Rocco prosecco on hand. The Are You Game wines were there also, who are made by Fowles wine, and we were tasting their Sparkling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Shiraz. They featured some of the best labels of the night. recent addition to the Vino family was Eschenhof Holzer Haide Roter Veltliner and Wagram Zweigelt from Austria – also with fantastic labels and great taste, with the folks from Red Squirrel on hand to talk about the wines.http://www.redsquirrelwine.agency


On Table 5 from Australia were the Alpha Box and Dice wines, featuring their ‘Tarot’ and ‘Fog’ wines, both red, and very popular with the customers I spoke to. These are low intervention, natural wines with no sulphur.


New Zealand wines were a big feature at the event, with the Esk Valley Sauvignon Blanc and the Te Awa Left Field Albarino on Table 6 available to taste. One is the famed Sauvignon Blanc of Marlborough, the choice on many wine lists from here to Auckland but the Albarino is rarely seen outside of its heartland in Galicia, Spain. Fresh and characterful, it is a distinctively seductive wine.


Woodstock Winery from Australia showcased some of their dynamic wines, such as the Mary McTaggart Riesling, the Naughty Monte, and the Octogenarian Grenache Tempranillo.


There were plenty of gins to taste, with The Old Curiosity from the Secret Herb Garden tasting three of their flavours – Chamomile & Cornflower, Lavender & Echinacea and Apothecary Rose. They also have an added element of changing colour when tonic is added – very much a fun party trick for your next event! Edinburgh Gin also had many of their flavours to try, such as their Christmas gin, and the very popular Plum & Vanilla Liqueur.


A selection of rum was available, with Atlantico Rum there, and the very tasty Seawolf White Rum produced in Scotland at Table 16.

They had a great range of whiskeys at the event, from the The Epicurean Malt, to the Scallywag Blended Malt Whiskey, and the Rock Oyster Blended Malt Whiskey.

Barney’s brought their beer truck for the event, which looks amazing, and they also had many cans to taste, such as the Glory Days, Red Rye, and Cosmic Ripper.


Lucky Liquor were there showing their brand new Lucky Liqueurs on Table 16, with flavours such as Kummel, Violet, and Huckleberry – perfect if you frequent Lucky Liquor and want to have a piece of it to take home and enjoy.

Vino curated a pick of wines at Table 18, called the Dunedin Wine Selection. This one is new for Winter 2017, launched on the night. You can order a box of 6 different wines, carefully selected by the team at Vino, and get to drink some of the best wines Vino has to offer. They come in different themed boxes such as: Classic, White, Red, Discovery, or Tasting, which has all of the 12 wines that Vino have selected for their Winter Selection.  There are wines included such as Two Dogs A Peacock & A Horse from South Africa, Alpha Box and Dice ‘Fog’ Adelaide Hills Nebbiolo from Australia, and Artolas Red Vidigal from Portugal. Perfect for gifting or having for your festive season and beyond.

If you would like to have a look at the cases in more detail, please visit the address below:


There were other brands showing at the event, such as locals Bon Accord, doing tastings of their non alcoholic yet tasty mixers. Cloudy Lemonade and Rhubarb, as well as a great Ginger Beer.

There was even food to keep everyone fed and happy, chocolate tastings on hand with Edward & Irwyn showcasing their delicious chocolates such as Dandelion Honeycomb, Snowy Mountain, and Scandinavian Spices, all made in Scotland. The Pantry Man van were also outside doing seriously tasty burgers all night, and keeping everyone on an even keel.

Drinkly were there to talk about their alcohol delivery service, with a comprehensive alcohol list and gifts to choose from, with delivery right up until midnight! Great idea for your festive parties to avoid the crowds, just order before 10pm.


All in all, a fantastic night, and one not to be missed next year! Follow the Vino pages on Facebook and Twitter, and of course the website to keep track of their latest events.

T xx

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Review: Soap and Glory – The Fab Pore 3 in 1 Oil Control Serum

Hello fellow greasy girls. As this blog is published after lunch UK time, swipe your T-Zone and tell me how much you get on it. Enough to fry an egg? Read on…

So I am a growing fan of Soap and Glory. As I get older and the bags under my eyes get bigger I am now getting to the point where I am trying to freeze my face and skin without getting all the Botox. So when I saw this range at my local Boots I had to pick up some. I need a primer that is going to works hard, and since this one claims to Mattify, Prime, and Refine, I invested.

So on the back, it tells you that you can use it alone before moisturiser, or under makeup as a primer. I will probably only use it under makeup, and I am currently working with Kat Von D’s Lock it Foundation (Review here) which is great, but does still give me a slight sheen. So I squeezed out a pea amount onto my hand (its pink!) and then smoothed it into my T Zone, let it dry, then applied my makeup as usual. My day consisted of working in a store under hot lights and air conditioning, so I need my foundation and primer to work together as a team to make sure I am not a greasy face lady halfway through the day.

It performed pretty well! I was quite impressed! I had a day of running around and lifting things and generally sweating it out, and it seemed to cope pretty well. I didn’t feel that my skin was overproducing oil to combat the product, as my skin tends to do with some brands, it seem to be doing alright with it.

So I would give this a 8/10 – I hate any kind of sheen and it did give me a slight sheen but I think to a normal person it’s a lovely glow (I hate glow, I love a matte face).

Have you tried it? Tell me what you think!!

T xx

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Boston and Hawthorne

I recently attended the press dinner for Boston and Hawthorne, which had it’s official opening! It is at 50 Dean Street in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, and I had seen previously that the pub that was there before was being renovated, and naturally was very curious about it!

When I walked in, I was amazed at the space. They had a bar on the left hand side, then big booths and bar leans. It isn’t the biggest, but it doesn’t need to be. I knew this place would be packed out all the time after it opened. I took a look around the bar and knew it was so my style. They had tribal masks, animal skeletons, and various other oddities in glass cases around the bar. They also had a prime photo point with the name of the bar on the wall over a cool leather couch. Sack curtaining was a great touch, and they had exposed beams and brick giving it a very cool medieval look.

I ordered from their very affordable cocktail list a Sweet Sweet Sorrento which was super delicious and creamy with a definite kick! I also witnessed a few more drinks being made that definitely made me want to try more.

We had a sit down dinner that was different in that we had a huge sharing board with 12 hour applewood smoked venison haunch, duck, potatoes, aubergines, and squid ink rice balls, and it was all eaten with our hands! Plus we had mead, which I have never tried before, and I found it really good and fitted well with the meal.

Afterwards, we got a cocktail, and I tried a Seaweed Martini. It arrived with a piece of dried seaweed attached to the glass! It looked and tasted amazing, and definitely got oohs and ahhs from the table.

The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the bar was playing really cool upbeat music giving the whole bar a warm welcoming vibe. This will be a great bar to be in in wintertime, sharing a board with friends and family with a selection from their extensive drink selection.

All in all, would definitely recommend this to everyone who wants somewhere cool and different to go in Stockbridge that has great food, great service, and plenty of aesthetically pleasing trinkets to make your Instagram friends jealous.

Boston and Hawthorne Twitter

Boston and Hawthorne Facebook

Boston and Hawthorne Website

T xx

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I bought an iPhone 6s in 2017

Hi guys!

So I am a little bit techy, however for the last 3 years I have owned an iPhone 4s, and have had people point and laugh at how old my phone is. The updates stopped for my phone awhile ago, it refuses to do video, which as a blogger is very important to me, and the camera overall isn’t great. However I am not someone who upgrades every time there is a new phone, I like to take my time and choose the right phone for me!

When I was in New Zealand, my 4S did okay, but not the best. It took some photos, did not entertain video AT ALL, and was very slow. So I had enough! Of course, being overseas meant I could try and do duty free or perhaps take advantage of the pounds to dollars change or vice versa.

I am definitely an Apple girl, I have the computer, the iPad, the iPod, and the iPhone, and I’m pretty happy with it, So I knew that I was going to get an upgrade, but what one?

I knew I didn’t want to get the 8 or the X. I don’t like to get the latest phone as I prefer to see what goes wrong or what people don’t like about it in the first few months so I can see if it is a phone that is actually worth the high price they pay for it.

I looked at the 7 and 6 models, along with the plus versions. I was put off the plus versions as I drop things a bit and didn’t want to drop this phone. Plus I also have my phone in my pocket all the time instead of in my bag so I wanted to have something I could throw in.

I had a look on a few websites both in NZ and the UK, and duty free as well, but decided to purchase through Giffgaff, who I actually have a contract with. They had a great price on the 6s, and they also do a marketplace where you can buy secondhand phones. I got my 6s, 64gb, rose gold, in excellent condition for 379 pounds. And I have to say, even if it is 2 to 3 models down from the latest phones, and is only two models up from my old one, its pretty damn great.

I set it all up on a Saturday night as I am a loser, while my husband was sick in bed next door (truly living that life) and was amazed at the cool features the 6s has. It looks amazing for a start, with curved edges and a rose gold hue, and surprisingly easy to hold even without a case.

I also upgraded 2 updates with this phone, and with it came so many features and access to apps I hadn’t had before! I could use TouchID – including Apple Pay which is my new favourite thing by far. I can take great photos with the quality camera and use Slow Mo Mode, which I hadn’t had before. Plus having a phone with so much more space means I can take photos for my blog and not have to worry about how many I take to get the best photos. I can also edit with more editing apps, and download iMovie to use, as this phone likes to do video!

So I would say when you are upgrading, don’t go for the new fancy one. Go for the brand or the phone that does what YOU want it to do. And if it isn’t the new fancy one, go secondhand. There are a lot of amazing websites that provide really great quality second hand phones, such as Music Magpie and Giffgaff who do a thorough check on each phone and provide you with a charger cord and a warranty also. It means that when the updates run out in a couple of years or so, it means you haven’t spend a lot of money on a new version of an old phone, and you can put the money towards the phone at the time that does what you want it to do.

I’m in love with my new phone and have no regrets about buying a 6s in 2017!

T xx


Review: NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

Hi team, welcome to another review! As always, not paid, not given any fancy houses in Greece, etc etc…

So growing up, I hated my eyebrows. I thought they were way too thick, they were fighting with my eyes to fit onto my face, (heck, they were most of my forehead), and it definitely wasn’t the fashion to have them in the early 00s.

So in the last few years we have seen a resurgence of the EYEBROW. Cara Delevingne started the return with her amazing eyebrows in her Burberry campaign, and since then we have heard all about them, from them being on fleek, to full news articles about them. So for girls with thick eyebrows like me, I was pleased as its now given me a catalyst to look after them and be proud of them!

I was on the hunt for a product to find a product that essentially could make my eyebrows look full and awesome. I got a good eyebrow technician to tidy them up, and then set out from there. I do not pencil my brows, and I don’t want to spend ages on them. I just want a product that helps me talk with my eyebrows (which if you know me in real life, I am quite prone to a suggestive eyebrow lift or a lifted eyebrow like oh no you didn’t etc)

After going through a couple, I was recommended the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara. It comes in 5 shades, and I got the Chocolate shade.

So I applied it one cold morning and it was like the sun came out! This brow mascara is the da (more 00s lingo).

The wand is great, the application and product is smooth, and it just gives that much more shape and depth to my brows. I am really impressed and think this will be a ride or die product for me.

10/10 for me!

Get it HERE:

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara, £5.50

T xx

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